Breaking News: I Bought a Truck!


Hello friends...I learned a new Krio phrase today. Dis na mi motocar. (Translation: This is my truck!)

I expected to get here, purchase a small SUV from Europe, wait for it to be shipped, and have to pay customs fees to get it into the country.  Instead, a truck came available from a Lutheran Missionary here in Freetown.  And yesterday, I bought it!

It is funny.  My friend pointed out how ironic it is that it took a Texas girl moving all the way to Africa in order to get her first truck.  But, I suppose, better this way than not at all!

To those of you who donated toward this effort, I want to say thank you.  Thank you, thank youTHANK YOU.  Public transportation is not reliable here (or particularly safe).  And so I was looking at having to catch rides from local generous United Methodists or be stuck.  With local traffic, that would have a been a real hardship and cut into my ability to do this mission.  But because of you, I have the freedom to do my work and go where I need to go.  I cannot tell you what a relief this is to have transportation settled.  Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!!

To the United Methodist Men of First UMC Round Rock, this truck is 4WD, automatic transmission, and the driver's side is where it should be. I hope you are all proud.  ;-)

To all of you who have blessed me more than I can say.  Every time I get in this truck I will thank God for you. 

So much love,


Katie Meek